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Types Of Horse Racing Bets

In flat races, horses are assigned different starting gates based on draw bias. Naturally, a good start to the race provides the horse with better chances of winning and a slow break could cost the horse the race and prevent them from catching up, particularly with sprints. However, jump races do not make use of the same starting position structure and instead draw a tape across the track and release it when the race begins. While considering the career and statistics of horses is vital to your success, many bettors forget to consider the jockey.

Types of Horse Racing Wagers (and Your Chances of Winning)

The total amount of wagers placed on any given race or race card is referred to as the track’s handle. A simple example of this would be expressed as C$2 to Win on #5. The top 10 riders in the jockey standings win about 90 percent of the races run during the meet. Watch the tote board or TV monitors for the 'Minutes to Post' to find out how much time you have to place your wager. For those looking to bet online, wagering on Ontario is available through HPI Bet. Our team of gambling experts in the Canadian market have over 30 years experience in this industry.

The other horses you have picked may then finish in any order and you are a winner. Bet On Proven Winners – Horses are similar to humans in that some of them just know how to win. I would always prefer betting on a horse that has shown they can win a race over a horse that has yet to win a race, but has been putting up some decent performances.

Obviously, the highest percentage trainers and jockeys win the majority of races and merit extra consideration. In addition, there are successful jockey/trainer combinations that provide significant returns. Thoroughbreds are creatures of habit that, more often than not, possess a distinct running style. In a race lacking many speed runners, a consistent front runner becomes a major threat. Conversely, if there are a number of speed types entered in an event, horses that can stalk the pace or race strongly from the back of the pack become prime contenders. The main thing is to have fun while you learn the game and develop your own philosophy.

A person who employs the data of previous track records to forecast the result of a horse race is viewed as a handicapper. With this wager you must pick the horse that wins the race and the horse that finishes second in the correct order. By learning a few easy racing terms you'll be on your way to picking a winner in any of the racing cards, live or simulcast at Fort Erie Race Track.

Ontario Racing is a non-profit horseracing industry association tasked with overseeing the well-being of the horse racing industry. HPIBET is Canada’s only dedicated wagering platform for horse racing, giving you the opportunity to conveniently wager on more than 500 tracks globally. You can access the platform through any device, at any time and anywhere. It also includes numerous features, including live streaming, promotions and custom notifications. Dark Horse Bets App is a very easy-to-use betting app for horse racing.

A quinella bet is a bet on which horses will finish in the top two, the placing doesn’t matter. An exacta bet also involves betting on the top two horses, but you must get the order correct. A trifecta bet is similar to an exacta bet, but you must correctly choose the top 3 finishers in the correct order. The superfecta bet involves picking the top 4 finishers in the correct order. The superfecta is extremely difficult to win, but if you somehow manage to select the correct four horses you are in for a huge payday.

While win, place and show betting has been around since the inception of the sport, the bets still merit consideration in today’s wagering climate. A “win” bet simply means the bettor must select the winner of a given race. As with all conventional bets, players can bet as little as $2 on a win bet.

For example, if the three horses that finish in second, third and fourth in that same race are all longshots, the Superfecta payout could be very big. The morning line isn’t who the racetrack oddsmaker likes in the race. A no-brainer method of betting overlays is to play a couple bucks on horses going off at odds two to three times higher than its morning line.

Quick Pick

Consider the Jockey – Many people overlook the jockey when placing horse racing bets. The jockey does play a significant part in the horse race, especially over longer distances. Maybe not a bet you want to start with as you’re learning the ropes.

We know that there are often times when races take unpredictable turns and we believe that promotions should be the opposite of unpredictable, and instead, expected. Naturally, horses with lower weights can run faster and are, therefore, more aerodynamic. Since the criteria for passing most flat races is speed, the weight of flat racing horses is usually significantly lower than the weights of jump horses. Steeplechases are focused on the endurance, stamina and strength of a horse. If you’ve watched horse races before and are not confident that a horse can bear its weight well enough to win, we recommend backing another choice. Since this is a popular and logical strategy, oddsmakers also keep track of these results and odds will then be priced to give winning horses shorter odds.

Otherwise, bettors can adjust their stakes based on the odds. Strong numeracy skills would come in handy in this case but there are also many online calculators that can do the relevant math for you. Wagers can be placed at the track, off-track betting sites or online platforms. Be prepared with the number of the horse or horses you want to bet on, your wager amount, and the type of bet you would like to make.

All the information on is well researched and approved by our Canadian team of legal, compliance and regulatory experts. In recent surveys among our visitors we have achieved a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways you can use to leverage the mathematics of probabilities to your advantage and swing the odds every so slightly to your favor. There are plenty of resources online that will teach you how to do that. Every site featured on this page is the result of hundreds of hours spent reviewing and scoring websites using our rigorous testing protocol.

Led by Woodbine Racetrack, the province currently has 15 physical racetracks and many more off-track betting facilities. There you can place your bets on any live racing happening in Ontario or on numerous tracks outside the province. Woodbine Entertainment Group also offers and operates two apps, HPIbet and Dark Horse Bets, where you can conveniently place your wagers. Sports betting sites in Ontario are not allowed to offer bets on horse racing. However, they boast more than 20 sports, 50+ betting markets and competitive odds.


Check out the schedule of live races at Fraser Downs at Elements Casino Surrey. Betting on horses is a lot of fun, yet many people seem to imagine it is a lot more complicated than it really is. This strategy is based on the idea that just because the horse disappointed in the past, this does not necessarily mean that the horse will do the same in future. This operator is licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and operates under an agreement with iGaming Ontario .

It includes nomination fees, which are required in advance of the event, and starter fees, which are payable at the time the event is held. You can bet on a single horse to win, place, or show or on a combination of horses. Let's say that the odds for the #2 horse are 10-1, if the horse wins you receive $10 for every $1 bet. You bet $2 so you get $20 plus the initial $2 you gave the teller. Remember, that the odds change right down to the last second before the race.

However, if the 5-horse ran third or worse, the bet would be a losing one. A horse that goes to post a 3/1 odds, for example, means that a bettor supporting that horse will earn $3 for every dollar wagered. Thus, a $2 minimum bet on a 3/1 shot means the player will make $6 profit plus the original $2 bet. In other words, the bettor would collect a total of $8 at the window or through anonline account. You have the opportunity to take in the excitement up close by betting on live horse racing at Hastings Racecourse and Casino or Elements Casino Surrey. Or, you watch and bet on big races around the world with the Racebook, which features live video feeds of races in a comfortable environment.

For some, if done compulsively, it can become a destructive problem. If you think you have a problem, there is good help, such as ConnexOntario. The Daily Double is a parlay bet involving two consecutive races. While it is often the first two races on a card and the last two races on a card, it has become more common throughout most race cards. For your bet to win, you must select the winner of the first race and the winner of the subsequent race. This happens in stakes races where the value of the race is increased by some or all of the entry fees.

You can start playing today by creating your free sports betting account at any of our recommended sites. In this guide to online horse betting we debunk this popular myth and explain the different types of horse racing bets with their wacky-sounding names. As we’ve mentioned, horse race betting can offer bettors loads of options. This includes the different betting types they can take advantage of, and tools on offer. However, another aspect that can add dimension to the betting experience is to place a wager on either flat or jumps, depending on your preference.

Bettors will need to have a certain level of knowledge about horse racing or be willing to learn and analyze as they go along. However, this will not be enough to guarantee success since horse racing can be unpredictable and there is an element of chance. The more information you have about a horse and a race, the more likely you are to pick a winner. While it’s always good to educate yourself and become the best handicapper you can become, sometimes there is nothing better than a little bit of luck. This is a concise way to wager on a horse coming in any of the top three spots. If the animal takes 1st place, the bettor is rewarded with all three stakes.


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