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Wicked Jackpots

Any time I've played one where it's been higher - like mid-$300s - I've never hit it and it always seems like the machine isn't paying as well on regular wins. I don't think I've ever seen one as high as $400. Playtime Casino Kelowna has over 450 slot machines ranging from 1¢ to $1.00, interactive video screens with exciting bonus games, as well as your classic stepper reels. Plus, we have recently welcomed 70 new popular games to our slot floor. You’ll find 1¢ Wicked Winnings and Buffalo Legends, 5¢ Rich Girls, and the latest versions of Bonus Times and Quick Hits in multiple themes and denominations. Gloucester residents often start fishing as children, and it's assumed that when they come of age, they'll join the family trade.

The $2 bettors hammer the meter up so high that when I come in behind them I'm getting 10%, 12%, even 15% edges. At 1500+ games per hour, even though the bet is just 50 cents, I have a huge hourly rate on these plays. Wonder 4, at least for now, has the same potential.

It understates the matter to say that, historically, fishing is Gloucester's signature industry. Rather, say that were it not for fishing, there might not be a Gloucester at all. Gloucester was founded back in the early 1600s, when the English discovered that there were abundant supplies of Atlantic cod offshore. The Pilgrims showed up and began building racks to dry the fish. In the 1800s, Gloucester's fishermen prospered by salting their catch and then peddling it to the Dutch colony of Surinam, where it was used to feed African slaves, in trade for molasses that was used to make rum.

Oh, and the Grand Jackpot is of no concern to me. It's whether or not those smaller jackpots create an edge. I've never seen the Wonder 4 type in mickey's pictures. I'm not an AP - I just go to play a while for entertainment - but these are pretty good for playing a while and leaving with a small profit or at worst not losing too much while running up a lot of coin in.

I've won many of these on the type with Buffalo Gold as well as the type with Wicked Winnings 2 and I think the biggest one I've won was $380ish? Most have been mid $200s, a couple low $300s. I think there are numerous configurations and also I suspect different settings.

Casino Cash Progressive

If you think you're the next Johnny Cash or Loretta Lynn, you head to Nashville. If you want to catch the Atlantic bluefin tuna, the biggest, baddest, and most profitable prize in professional fishing, you go to Gloucester. The city of just under 29,000 is a place where men fish to live, and live to fish. And sometimes, as the Gloucester waterfront's statue of the seafarer caught in a storm is a constant reminder, it's where some die doing what they love. Without much ado, Wilkins loaded his fishing boat on a trailer and drove 250 miles up the coast to Gloucester. "I'm into extreme everything, and I wanted to go up against the best," he explains.

8-9 times out of 10 you get just get the free spins which can at times return less than your original total bet. If it was the one that has the games that cost different amounts , then the amounts showing on the buttons are the amounts for the games as set by the last person that played the game. Like on that one if its set to 4 Buffalo Gold I think the min bet is $2.40, but with other games the bet was lower, with amounts in between if you played a mix of the different games. Southern California casino players love to play slots—and they have their favorites! TheSouthern California Gaming GuideReader’s Choice Best Slots™include casino player/readers’ favorite slots plus their favorite slot apps and PC slot games. Junger's book, which detailed the 1991 loss of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail and its crew during a storm, and the movie based upon the book helped turn Gloucester into a particularly macabre sort of tourist attraction.

Over the next several centuries, they were joined by waves of immigrants from Italy and Portugal, all eager to find a place to make their living off the sea. As recently as the mid-1990s, Italian was the only language spoken on about a tenth of vessels in the local fishing fleet. For the purpose of this promotion, a “high hand” means any full house, four-of-a-kind or any straight flush in which both of the player’s hole cards play. I'm familiar with keno progressives in Montana where the minimum bet to qualify for the meter is just 50 cents but you can bet up to $2.

I do not know the base games on that one so I am not sure how they pay. I'm not sure I'd like to play that one because of the base games. Some Aristocrat slots can give nice huge wins but it's a lot of nothing in between, whereas at least the ones or some of the ones on Jackpots or Wonder Wheel spread the wins out. I don't think they're a play in the AP sense for the progressives. I'm not an AP but based on the stuff I read here.

The payscale multiplies out but the meter doesn't. A 50 cent bet puts 2 cents per game in the meter but a $2 bet puts 10 cents per game in the meter. The version that has Wicked Winnings 2 and Buffalo Deluxe on it - the bet amounts are the same regardless of what games you pick. The Wicked Wheel Bonus is triggered by three Wicked Wheel symbols scattered on reels 3, 4, and 5.

They aren't must hits and my experience is that they hit all over the place. I never chase them - I might pick what games I'm playing based on how high one or the other is, and if I get it great. I think the casino matters and the bet level. I was exploring another casino and found one of the game specific jackpots at $600. I noticed on that game, the minimum was $2.40 to play all three games, not the normal $2 minimum to play all four. I only had 45 minutes and did not take this prise down.

No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted. The one with Wicked Winnings 2 is called Wonder 4 Jackpots and on that one I have probably played most at $10 or $8. I usually start at $10 and work my way down depending on if it's paying or not.

In part, that's because Gloucester fishermen tend to be jacks of all trades, who fix cars or do electrical work to augment their income from the sea. It looks like pkspins has a lot of experience playing this game. That's why I'm curious as to her bet size in relation to the max bet.

Players Guide

If any player, whether directly or indirectly involved in the hand, passes information or instructs another on how to act or reveals his/her hand to other players, the high hand will be disqualified. In wheel mode I caught the Free Games 24 times and the Super Free Games 3 times. If no qualifying hand has been made during the last period in a day, then the promotion will continue for an additional 30 minute period.

If no qualifying hand is made in this additional period, the promotion will continue for as many 30 minute periods are required for the prize to be won. A minimum of five players must be seated and dealt in at the beginning of the hand in order for it to qualify for any “Really Wicked Weekdays” promotion. What needs to be determined is does increased bets equal better odds on the jackpots. No clue but I am sure there is never an advantage on the overall 2-5k jackpot and even with an individual one at over $400 I’m not sure there is an advantage. Being so popular I would assume they are on the lower or lowest settings and without knowledge otherwise, you should play assuming that.


Match three progressive symbols to win that jackpot. I've gotten the game specific progressives a few times but never the grand. The only grand win I ever saw personally the fellow was betting $8 and hitting the button like a crazy person. The game progressives I've won have all been in the $200 some to low $300 range.

Even so, the last 20 years have been tough on the city. Gloucester fishermen brought in 88 million pounds of fish in 2010, the most recent year for which numbers are available. The local fleet of 100 boats is about half the size it was in 2000, and there was a 20 percent drop-off between 2003 and 2008 alone. Many of the fresh fish-processing facilities that used to provide jobs have closed. With fewer opportunities to attract young workers, the average fishing permit holder in 2008 was 51 years old, and crew members are often that age or older.

On the machines near me, the lower progressives reset to $200. Clearly there are different configuration / variations of wonder four. Same machine on the other side of the isle has a $2 minimum to spin all four games... Like I suspected, the house configuration on the game matters. All machines are coinless and use ticket-in or bill-in/ticket-out technology.

Slot tickets can be redeemed at the cashier, or one of our many cash-dispensing machines located throughout the gaming floor. Machines only accept Canadian bills, so if you need to exchange your foreign currency, our cashiers will be happy to do that for you. Besides the pressure to make ends meet, Gloucester fishermen, more so than most other professions, also must face continual danger. Over the past several centuries, rough weather and accidents have turned thousands of Gloucester residents into names etched into an array of memorial plaques along the shoreline. All payouts for the “Really Wicked Weekdays” promotion will be funded from the Bad Beat Jackpot pull. This will continue to be managed as specified in the rules for the Bad Beat Jackpot.


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