Audition Info

Audition Information

Local Auditions for The Music Man

La Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro, Ohio will be holding OPEN CALL local auditions for their upcoming production of THE MUSIC MAN on Saturday January 29, 2022 at 765 W. Central Ave., Springboro, Ohio. 

9:00 AM  – Children & Teenagers 7-17 Years Old

10:00 AM – Adults (Men and Women 18+)



Harold Hill                              (25-45) Charming, articulate actor, sings & dances. Baritone to F

Marcellus Washburn        (30-50) Comic Actor who sings & dances. Tenor (G to High A)

Mayor Shin                           (40-60) Comic Character Actor

The Quartet                         Dynamic and full of personality. All types. Must be able to hold harmony under any circumstances and must be comfortable with Movement

                            Jacey Squires         High Tenor (D to High C)

                            Ewart Dunlop         Tenor (C# to High A#)

                            Oliver Hix                 Baritone (Low A to G)

                            Olin Britt                  Bass (Low G to High F#)


Marian Paroo                       (20-30) Accomplished actress, legit voice, minor dancing. Soprano to High A

Mrs. Paroo                            (30-60) Character woman who sings, light Irish accent. Mezzo (A-flat to E-Flat)

Mrs. Eulalie Mackecknie Shin      (30-60) Comic Actress. Comfortable with movement. Alto (D-D)


Tommy Djilas                       (15-17) Teenager. Sings & dances.

Zanetta Shinn                                    (15-17) Teenager. Sings & dances.

Amaryllis                                (9-14) Marian’s young piano student. Alto

Winthrop Paroo                  (9-14) Marian’s lisping baby brother.

Gracie Shinn                         (9-14) Mayor Shinn’s younger daughter

River City Townspeople          Singers who move and Dancers who sing to fill various townspeople and understudy principals.

Be prepared to sing 16 bars of a Musical Theatre song.  Please provide sheet music in your key, a current headshot and resume.  Adults should be prepared to dance.

Rehearsals begin March 21, 2022.  Rehearsals are Mon-Sat 10-6. 

Children rehearse 4-6 Mon-Fri and 10-6 Saturdays.  Will miss some school for tech rehearsal & matinees.

Performances April 7 – May 22, 2022. Thurs-Sun matinees and evenings.

Director/Choreographer is Chris Beiser.

Questions call Kris Byerly (937)746-4554 ext 241 or email


Seeking Boys ages 7-10 for Phantom

We are looking to cast Young Erik for our production of PHANTOM. Boys ages 7-10 interested, please contact Kris Byerly at Role is double cast and rehearsals begin Jan. 31.

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